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For a one of a kind experience go tubing on the North Toe River in Western NC. We boast no crowds and gorgeous views of the Blue Ridge Mountains. The river offers an opportunity to view wildlife and wild flowers along the banks of the river in a natural setting and time to relax in the tranquil flow and sounds of the Toe! The trip has a few small rapids and ledges the kids will love. All tubing trips begin at swimming holes that you can return to after your tube trip and swim till your hearts content or the kids are worn out!

 We have 3 trip options to choose from with varied lengths (trip length is dependent on water levels), different meeting places and varied prices. All 3 river trips are great for families and younger children; kids under 5 tube for free!

Our most asked question: Is the water cold? To answer this, keep in mind the river has several springs that feed it making the temps cooler as well as it being a mountain river. Temps are cooler in April and May (mid 50s-mid 60s) and tend to warm in June-August (upper 60s to upper 70s) cooling again in September and October. Depending on where you are from you might think it is a bit cooler than others…..for example we find it refreshing but if you are from further south you might find it a bit cool.

The Toe River is a world Class Trout River; hosting an annual Trout Fishing contest. The river is also home to the Hell Bender; which has recently been taken off the endangered species list, though its habitats are still threatened. This salamander can grow up to 2 feet long and is known by locals as a water dog, mud puppy, snot otter and devil dog. The sign of this creature shows the health and cleanliness of the river. The river is also frequented by eagles, deer, osprey, Hawks, bear and beavers. You might catch a glimpse of a few of these while you are tubing.

When, Where and How much: 

Trip 1: Meets once daily at Riverside Park: 503 East Tappan Street Spruce Pine NC.

Cost is $20 includes two-way shuttle. Expect 45 minutes to an hour on the river.

Trip 2: Meets once a day at the Thrifty Adventures office: 1173 Whitson Branch Rd. Bakersville NC 28705. Cost is $20 includes two-way shuttle. Expect a 2-3 hour trip.

Trip 3: Meets once a day at the Thrifty Adventures office: 1173 Whitson Branch Rd. Bakersville NC 28705. Cost is $15 includes 1-way shuttle with short walk back to farm across suspension bridge. Expect a 1.5-2.5 hour trip

Items to bring: swim suite, sunscreen, towels, waterproof camera, water shoes, sunglasses with retention strap, extra contacts if you wear them, and any medicines you might need, and water. 


Most of the items to bring can be purchased at our office's "Little Hike Shop". The Shop is located at 1173 Whitson Branch Rd. Bakersville NC 28705. 

*alcohol prohibited

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River tubing in NC River tubing in NC

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Thrifty Adventures has reached a milestone! We are growing rapidly!  We thank you for your continued support! In case you missed it, Thrifty is moving their center of operations to Hidden Holler Farm in Red Hill, Bakersville WNC. The farm is 7.5 acres, circa 1890’s and is rich with history! It is located a short walk from the North Toe River!

What to expect 4-1-2019! The new TA office and Tiny Hike Shop will be located in one of the many tobaccos drying barns. The hike shop will include items like water, snacks, sunscreen, river shoes, rain gear and other items typically needed for folks on our trips!

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