Advanced Rappel Clinic $78 (6-8 hours is a pre-requisite for waterfall rappelling)

Rappelling can be fun and exhilarating. Thrifty Adventures offers this course to you with no prior experience necessary. During this rappel clinic we will teach you how to minimize and assess risk. You will learn prussic knots and technique. Proper rappelling technique includes instruction on good form for lowering over ledges and overhangs. We will learn how to use different rappel devices, extending rappel device, and getting ropes down safely. You will learn how to back up your rappel device with a "third hand", importance of the "brake hand", how to use a fireman's belay and how to go hands free in case of emergencies! There will be several opportunities for each client to rappel. This class is a pre-requisite to our waterfall rappelling trips! The first rappel will be done on a backup rope that still allows you to be in control. All you need for this course is a good pair of snug fitting shoes, water, food and sunscreen/bug spray. Pick clothing that is appropriate (flexible/ quick dry).

Introduction to Rappelling 38$ (2-3 hours)

Perhaps climbing up a mountain isn't for you but the exhilaration of rappelling down one is. The Introduction to rappelling is just a taste of our Advanced Rappelling Clinic. The rappels in this clinic will begin over less daunting (not too high) terrain to allow you to get the feel before doing your big rappel. Big rappel will be between 30' to 60' feet. During this clinic you will learn a bit about harnesses and typical rappelling devices. You will leave with a thorough understanding of the importance of the brake hand. Each person will rappel at least 2 times on a belayed/ releasable rappel system.

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